Hi, I’m Antonio! With over a decade of experience as a Digital Graphic Designer, I combine my expertise with my passion to produce high quality digital and print advertising. I am blessed to have worked with multiple brands throughout my career, as it has helped me to gain tons of marketing experience in the digital graphic design industry.

As a former Art Director from an NYSE traded company, I bring extensive experience developing promotional strategies around a data-driven landscape. Whether catering ads to specific demographics, designing around a marketing strategy or accommodating special requests, I provide the creative vision for a project, campaign, or brand.

ACDesigner.com website was build in 2004 as a personal academical portfolio. In July 2019, I decided to venture myself to work independently, and I converted ACDesigner.com into my online studio website.

Today, my studio, ACDesigner, specializes in digital/print creative assets including:

  • Display Advertising: IAB compliant html5 / AMPHTML / Dynamic / Rich Media / Video / Static / Takeover ad units.
  • Social Media: Brand Page Design/ Animated / Video / Static Ads.
  • Print: Advertising Campaigns / Posters / Brochures / Direct Mail.
  • Brand: Logo Design / Stationery Design.
  • Trade Show: Displays / Banners / Booklets/ Supplies.
  • Email Marketing: Ad Email Design Templates.
  • Web: UI / UX design / Custom Landing Pages / Home Page Hero Banners / Infographics

Increase your conversion rate marketing efforts, allow me to help you with your creatives. Get a free quote today!